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What you need is of course the latest Version of AtoCC and WineBottler.
1. Download AtoCC for Windows.
2. Go to  and download the .
3. Install the and by dragging them into your applications folder.
4. Go to your applications folder and open Wine ( You can close the window of it ).
5. Right-click on "AtoCC x.x.x.exe"-setup-file and then "Open With" -> "Other Program" -> "Wine".
6. Now choose "Run directly in …" and click after that on on "Go"-Button.
7. Install the program (under predefined destination).
8. Now you have to navigate to "/Users/YOUR USER NAME/Wine Files/drive_c/users/Public/Start Menu/Programs/AtoCC" to choose the relevant *.ink-file you want to use.
9. Right-click on it and then "Open With" -> "Other Program" -> "Wine".
10. Now choose "Run directly in …" and click after that on on "Go"-Button.  
11. If you want to open an AtoCC-Module with a simple Double-click, then right-click the *.ink-file -> "Open with" -> "Other Program" -> "Wine" and tick the “Always open with box” -> "Click on Open" . 

After that this little Wine-window should appear, tick the box “Never show this window again in the left corner, click on the "Go"-Button again. 
That's it.
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